About Me

Caitlin Graves


BAppSci, MOst

Caitlin has always had an interest in science, human anatomy, and how the body works. This inspired choosing a career as a healthcare practitioner. Caitlin chose to study osteopathy because of its key principles and holistic approach towards healthcare. She also saw how much osteopathy helped her family with their injuries, aches and pains.

Graduating from Unitec in Auckland with a Bachelor in Applied Science (Human Biology) and a Masters of Osteopathy, she decided to move to Christchurch and make it home. She loves the outdoors, as she is a keen hiker, and also enjoys surfing, swimming, running, skiing and mountain biking. Hence Christchurch was the perfect fit for her.

Caitlin grew up playing netball, and suffered some injuries herself which inspired her Master’s thesis to investigate netball players and their injury experiences. The aim was to identify factors that positively and negatively influenced netball players’ decision to return to play again. She has incorporated what she learnt through this research project into her practice, trying to assist and support individuals return to their chosen sport as well as their daily life activities. She continues to play netball socially here in Christchurch.

During her degree, she has explored and learnt various techniques that have now allowed her to become equipped to treat a variety of patient presentations. She places a high importance on providing each individual with treatment and management that is specific to them. As well as staying up to date with various examination and testing protocols to help give her patients a specific diagnosis. Caitlin has completed the Craniosacral Therapy 1 course, now allowing her to provide craniosacral treatment for her patients.

Caitlin is a registered Osteopath with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ) and Osteopaths New Zealand (ONZ), she is also an ACC registered provider.

The Moorhouse Osteopathic team in action