About Me

Bradley Wood


Bradley developed an interest in the human anatomy and biomechanics from a young age due to being particularly injury plagued when playing sports. He first started his working career in engineering which made way for emergency health care before pursuing a career osteopathy. This led to him attending the European school of osteopathy (ESO) to study a masters in osteopathy.

During Bradley’s time at the ESO he gained specialist experience in sports injuries treatment & rehabilitation, paediatrics and women’s health (including pregnant and postnatal care). After which he moved back to Glasgow, Scotland working in a leading osteopathic clinic specialising in spinal and tendon injuries.

Bradley enjoys using the full spectrum of osteopathic techniques, including musculoskeletal, visceral and craniosacral techniques, allowing him to adapt his treatment from newborns to the elderly, to their individual needs. Although he has a particular interest in maternity/post-natal patients and temperomandibular dysfunction (jaw pain/injury).

Bradley’s love for an adventure has seen him travel Australia and New Zealand extensively from diving on the Great Barrier Reef and catching venomous snakes/creepy crawlies to jumping out of planes and off bungee jumping platforms. Which ultimately led him to making decision to make New Zealand his home. Now in his free time you can find him up a mountain on an adventure with his dog (Alva) or in the gym weightlifting when the weather isn’t so great.

Bradley is a registered Osteopath with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ) and is an ACC registered provider.

The Moorhouse Osteopathic team in action