About Me

Stephen McCann

Owner & Director of Moorhouse Osteopathic

B.Sc (hons), Dip T.C.M 

Stephen has been involved in health and exercise for the last 38 years. A long term interest in Chinese martial arts led to a 4 year study of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbalism.  After many years of practice working alongside Osteopaths he decided to study Osteopathy himself and graduated with BSc Hons in 2004. 

He has worked in England, Ireland, Greece and New Zealand working in private practice, leading health club chains and spent many years working in drug rehabs and HIV care.  

Stephen taught yoga for many years and was one of the new generation of yoga teachers to bring the more physical forms of yoga to the western general public.   

His love of the outdoors has led him to travel and tramp all other the world.  He took up skiing at the young age of 50 and has been a passionate skier ever since.

He enjoys working with young people who play a lot of sports and many who have postural issues which have not been addressed. He also loves working with older people who wish to maintain their quality of life in retirement. 

Stephen particularly enjoys making his treatment sessions a proactive experience with an emphasis on posture and movement patterns for long term change. Based on his experiences he has developed his own system to help his patients improve their posture and health (for more information click here). 

Stephen is a registered Osteopath with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ), he provides Acupuncture which is complimentary to the other Osteopathic techniques that he uses, and is an ACC registered provider.

The Moorhouse Osteopathic team in action